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Songs From A Window

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A Book Written by Bob Heath - Songs From A Window

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Songs From A Window

Evening descends like a crow. A wind from the East has taken a hold. The trees on my street start to ache from the cold, the moon plays a bitter reprise

I've been looking back Back to the life I knew before I was playing in bands, it was tour after tour I really thought this was my time

But the bands got bitter and the drugs got bigger, I watched my friends all scatter like litter, soon I fell into decline The needle and powder were mine

Songs from a window, you know and you don't know...

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Bob Heath is a musician, music therapist, songwriter and singer, writing and performing for many years.

Releasing a solo album ‘Skinny Ghosts’ in 2014, he formed the band ‘Souls & Shadows’ as a vehicle for performing his own material as well as some of the amazing songs created in sessions with him by his clients.

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